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Introducing, Sampson!

Please carefully review the information below. If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Sampson, please submit an adoption application!


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Madison, WI


Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog




12-18 months old [DOB: exact date unknown]


89 lbs


Yes- high school or older




Probably Not

Fenced Yard



Sampson’s Story

Sampson was surrendered to the SNAFU rescue to no fault of his own.  He was found as a stray and on a euthanasia list at a shelter for what was assumed as kennel cough. He is a young boy and needs a chance to find a loving home to prosper! 

Hi! My name is Sampson, and I’m applying for the job of Beloved Family Pet. A little bit about me: I was surrendered to SNAFU rescue after being found as a stray. The shelter was going to euthanize me for a runny nose! I’m really grateful that SNAFU pulled me outta there so I could have a second chance at living the good life. I am a large guy, around 91 lbs, and a DNA test has confirmed that I am 100% Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. The vet believes that I am between 12 and 18 months of age, which makes sense because I am very clumsy sometimes. I am neutered and up to date on all vaccinations, microchipped, and dewormed, with a clean bill of health. 

My best qualities are that I am loving, loyal, smart, driven, speedy, and strong. My favorite activities are tug, fetch, going for long walks, and chewing antlers. I do have more energy than the typical bulldog, so I thrive when given a job or something to do and when given proper fulfillment each day. I am so eager to please and just want to do a good job, so having feedback and guidance is really helpful for me to be my best self. I am crate trained AND potty trained, go me! I LOVE getting cuddles and pets from people, and I’m working really hard on not jumping. My foster mom says that I’ve made A LOT of progress and that she’s very proud of me but that she’s a little concerned I might knock over a small human, like a child, accidentally! I don’t always realize how big I am, but hopefully as I grow older I will learn more about my body. 

Although I am very well suited for the job of Beloved Family Pet, I am a living creature and therefore am always evolving and a work in progress. My biggest struggle right now is working on my emotional regulation; when I see another dog, I can get really excited and want to play (my foster mom calls that “reactivity”), so the prong collar and ecollar have helped my foster mom communicate that my jumping around and barking isn’t socially acceptable behavior. I am getting LOTS better! The best way to help me with this is to ensure I have space from the other dog, disagree with my choice to be a goofball, then reward me with snacks when I am calm and look at you while in a heel. Something else that helps me with my big emotions is having consistency, routine, and clear communication (actually, a lot of dogs like to have structure in their lives! I am not the only one!). I do currently live with a few other dogs, and I am doing really well with passive coexistence, but slow introductions will really help me thrive. The best counterpart to a big personality like mine is a calm, low energy, chill dog, preferably a lady friend who doesn’t want to boss me around. I used to try to play keep away and trade me with toys, but now I have learned a healthy outlet of tug play! 

Unfortunately, my genetics do predispose me to chasing prey like squirrels, birds, and cats, so I don’t think it’s in the best interest of anyone’s house feline for me to join the family, unless you can keep me totally separate from them. They’re way too fun to chase! 

I am happy to be paid in yummy snacks, squeaky balls, time with my handler playing tug or fetch, and couch time with a tasty antler or bone. My ideal working environment is a household that is active, likes adventures such as hiking, has time to take me on a daily walk and ensure I have an energy outlet (tug, rough house play, fetch, etc.), and is willing to be patient with me as I learn and grow into the best version of myself. I’d love to have an experienced owner to help me navigate the world and learn new skills! My foster mom is taking me to GRC lessons, and our trainer thinks I’m a natural, so if you’re thinking of getting into dog sports, I’m your guy! And if you are working from home and need a companion to use as an excuse to mute a meeting and get outside midday, I’m the perfect dog for you. An office environment wouldn’t be the best for me since I am still working on my impulse control. I don’t necessarily NEED a fenced yard, but I would love to have one in which to romp and play! I’m not really a dog park kinda guy because I’d probably get myself into some trouble there so even if you don’t have a yard, a private dog park or Sniffspot might be a good option for me. 

I hope you consider my application for the position of Beloved Family Pet! I’d love to start as soon as possible because while I LOVE my foster family, I’d love to have a family of my own. 

If you feel like your family might be the perfect forever home for Sampson, please submit an adoption application for him today!! 



Please note that it will likely be at *least* a 3–4 week minimum before you hear back from us after submitting an adoption application.

We typically accept for new applications for a period of 7 days or until 20 applications have been received for any newly available dog. After that time period, the applications are sent on to the foster family for review and that usually takes from at *least* a few days to a week to sort through the applications, etc. Most of our dogs receive several applications so this process does take some time, especially on dogs who are more popular for one reason or another.

We do require phone interviews to be conducted between the foster family and potential adopters, vet reference checks and a home visit to be conducted for all potential adopters, if they are selected as the top choice applicant, which will also take time to complete. That being said, we do always let our applicants know if they are chosen or not.

IF you happen to not be chosen, please don’t feel discouraged as, again, we usually get several applications for each dog, and sometimes it can be very difficult to choose just one adopter. In those cases, we usually offer to keep the applications for adoption on file for any future dogs that come into our rescue.

ALL adopters are required to come and pick up their adopted dogs in person from the dog’s foster home (we do not ship any of our dogs). Please have road/driving transport plans in place to pick up an adopted dog before you apply! While we are not against adopters flying a foster dog in cabin on a commercial flight, please keep in mind that many are not good candidates for flying due to size and/or being a brachycephalic/short nosed breed.

If an adopter cannot keep one of our grads, for any reason at all, at ANY point in time, they *must* be willing and able to return their adopted dog to his/her original foster home, despite distance and any costs that would be required to do so.

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